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What we DO !!

–    Identifying orphans and their needs.

–    Encouraging Volunteers to take care of them

–    Identifying a Social Project that can meet their needs and Communities.

–    Visitation

–    Networking with Churches, and people of goodwill to support orphans

–    Implementation of project proposal

–    Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrating good works James.2.17-18

–    Networking with government institutions like Local Councils, Delegations of Social Affairs, and Vocational Training

–    Seeking donors.

–    Establishment of birth Certificate for orphans.



Get Involved

  Prayers or Bible Donation. You can get involved by becoming our prayer partner for our Objectives, for the target population to grow up and to know Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior.

  Contact a Donor Organization on our behalf as we need partners to do more work at the grass root.

  Become a patron of a target School, workshop or sponsor an orphan for $200 dollars yearly.  

  Sponsor a Social Project like wells in Schools, Classroom Construction, better meals during break.

  Send clothes, Shoes, greeting cards to orphans.

  Volunteer to work in project areas.

  Organize a thanksgiving in support of orphans back to school.



HAWO-CAM wishes to thank Dr. Dominik LOOS for his persistent interest in sponsoring orphans in Cameroon. We equally appreciate a number of other Christian friends and look forward to having more sponsors. Thanks !!

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